Uniswap bug and Fail with can't access user interface

this is extraordinary, in just a short time the open public testnet has a lot of people participating as testers of this project. I’m very enthusiastic about being a bug bounty, I just have a few issues about bugs on the Consensys testnet:

  1. On the swap page on uniswap an error occurs in the form of Error: Minified React error #185
  2. When you want to swap the ETH/crUSD or crUSD/crWETH pairs, a very long decimal appears in the execution of the crUSD pair
  3. When you start clicking swap, an error appears in the form of a transaction that must be repeated, which may be due to the large number of users, but after successful approval, the result is always an error.
  4. At this time, you cannot enter the Add Liquidity page because there is always an error Error: Minified React error #185

trying to open uniswap but its not opening

this problem facing

When I want to add liquidity on uniswap V3 it crashes and gives an error. And my cotton swab transactions are still pending
my wallet address
0x280B5453E89529a2b60bC4EEC0A975a6EF74a056[quote=“kairoz, post:1, subject:291, full:true”]