Openblock Labs and Surge LXP-L

The Surge continues but with the recent change we can no longer track our LXP-L scores because the scores of the top 10,000 users are only in the table and this can be confusing in the sense that, are we still earning LXP-L? Even if we are not in the table, there can be a green checkbox like on the POH site that says we are still earning LXP-L.

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It has been like that, only first 10k addresses shown, since Surge started. You can search for your address to see your points.


Hmm sorry for the confusion but my score has been unchanged for about 4 days could there be a problem?

What protocol are you using?


ETH for Stargate v1 pool (farming) USDC for Mendi Finance (started today)

:mega: Stargate and Connext Points

OpenBlocks is working with Stargate and Connext teams on the synchronization of points on OpenBlocks dashboard.

Do not be concerned, All points that should have been collected during data pipeline outage will be accounted for once the sync is final.

If you are a Stargate user, please confirm you are in the pool, farm, and using V1 so that you can collect points when synchronization is complete.

This is an announcement in the Linea discord server. Would be beneficial for you to be there too, to keep yourself updated.

Also, update to points are shown every 12 hours, so for your Mendi liquidity, it needs time.


Thank you for the clarification!


You can over this dashboard, just insert your address (don’t even need to connect your wallet and remove spaces cause cannot post links here) Best! https:// www. openblocklabs. com/