None dev contributions

A curious Web3 specialist enthusiast. Founder Web3 Club Africa.
With a degree in Commerce,background in Marketing,event organizer online and offline and especially amongest Universities in the region,community outreach education, translation, stickers blockchain consutant and researcher.
Ethereum Devcon scholar 2022.
I speak multiple languages ranging from English,kiswahili,Kinyarwanda,luganda and Rukiiga.

If i happen to be a none dev but passionate about Linea and would like to participate in Linea dencun ambassador program or any other contributions especially in my community such as community building, meetup organization and management as early adopters, what procedures/who do i reach out to in regards to my wish.

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Hey @Shidi, you can check out the ambassador program for Consensys here:

We will also let you know of any opportunities in the future!


Thank you for the great response and recommendation, i actually applied for Consensys program before,iam awaiting the response/feedback. Anything else that is needed from my side after having applied?

No need for more if you have already applied, the team will reach out if they are interested!

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