My tx has been pending for 4 hours on Linea

Hi everyone and supporters,
First time, I face this problem and my english is not good to describe well.
This is my tx 0x77a0f890c9641f84779905d0dd6102b174d7c8378f753a96dc4ec7f677531850 . It is delayed more than 4 hours, I can not do anything to Linea park
With this delay, I will lose a lot LXP, so who will be responsible for this?

There is a lot of network congestion, causing pending transactions. You can either wait, speed up, or cancel, see here:

I have tried speed up and canceled. However, I still pending, even cancellation was pending

Try cancelling your oldest pending transaction with a custom nonce, as shown in the article I shared. Remember to increase your gas.