MetaMask and Linea Voyagers, the Linea Voyager Snap is here!

:rocket:Linea Voyager Snap is Here! :rocket:

Hello Linea Community and MetaMask Users!

Great news! We’ve launched Linea Voyager Snap to make your on-chain experience better. You can download the Snap here:

What’s New?

  • Easy Access: Now, you can see your LXP, check your POH status, and get to the Voyage without leaving your wallet.
  • No More Hassle: You don’t need to switch networks to check your LXP anymore.

*Note: Unminted LXP won’t show in the Snap. LXP will only show in Snap once it has been minted and dropped.

For Everyone: This is a big step for our community. It makes things easier and more fun for you. A good user experience is crucial for success. With Linea Voyager, we’re showing how dapps can make our ecosystem and the entire web3 experience more user-friendly. And for developers, it’s a great time to build with us and make cool stuff.

Happy Voyages!