Linea Sepolia Faucet Now Available On

Greetings Linea Community! :technologist:
I have great news for you from GetBlock .io your top-notch RPC nodes provider!

GetBlock .io has just launched the Linea Sepolia Faucet :potable_water:

Now devs can get 0.1 ETH on Linea Sepolia every day for free with a faucet from GetBlock and use those tokens to test their dApps and smart contracts! :test_tube:
GetBlock loves to support web3 devs in various ways and contribute to the ecosystem growth. We would also love to see your support. So, we are kindly asking you to share info about our faucets and node service with all your friends and colleagues! :pray:

Hi thanks for sharing, next time please reach us in discord: Linea