Can any staff please share Uniswap v3 contract addresses?

Hello, i’m building a honeypot detector for Uniswap v3 on Linea.
Can any staff please share Uniswap v3 Quoter address? I managed to find router and factory addresses.


Hi, it’s 0xECC9b0E1BCe48D8f5f4e421EF010F463B17C6cA2


@0xvirtualP do you have any example to use this address for swap
@0xroo where i can get source code of this contract address please ?
Thank you so much

Although it’s a different network, you can look at it on Etherscan

Hell community!

Can any ine help with the uniswap linea router address?

Hey @TaiwoTimman, welcome to the Linea Community!

For mainnet or testnet? Dapps were just started onboarding on mainnet this week, so not sure if it is available yet, but on testnet it is 0xECC9b0E1BCe48D8f5f4e421EF010F463B17C6cA2

Yes for testnet.
Got it now.