Bug in reverse swap BNB to ETH

good morning.
since 2 days I have been trying to make a reverse translation from BNB to ETH but I get the same messages. I tried everything to change the parameters and execute the transaction, but I didn’t succeed.
P.S.in my attempts to swap I used these 3 options.



Linea chain maybe uploaded i too not have swap and send tokens

we will wait at least a month to see how the project will work, for now it is not usable

transfers are now possible

We recommend not swapping currently to ERC20 tokens currently.

Regarding not being able to do more transactions / getting errors - this might be due to an error with gas loading too low in MetaMask. You need to manually adjust. This is not the same as using “aggressive” gas option. Please use “advanced” and follow below.

Go to https://explorer.linea.build/ and look at the gas tracker. Use the custom gas settings in MetaMask and increase the max base gwei and priority gwei by a small amount to match what gas tracker is currently showing.

To do this:

  • In MetaMask on page with gas cost, select the “market” button above where your gas fee shows
  • choose “advanced” (this is very important)
  • manually adjust both the Max Fee per Gas and Max Priority Fee to match the gwei what showing on the gas tracker on here: https://explorer.linea.build/