Welcome to the Linea Forum 🥳

:partying_face: Welcome to the Linea Forum :partying_face:

Linea Community members, for your safety, never share your Secret Recovery Phrase, email address, contact information, or any information that relates to your personal identity. We will never DM you to initiate support. Our community thrives on security and privacy. Consensys privacy notice here : Privacy Policy | Consensys

This forum serves as a platform for developers and users to get support, give feedback, and report issues for Linea.

Linea is a type 2 zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM). A zkEVM replicates the Ethereum environment as a rollup and allows developers to build on it as they would on Ethereum mainnet. The Linea network allows you to deploy any smart contract, use any tool, and develop as if you’re building on Ethereum. For users, this enables the experience and security guarantees of Ethereum, but with lower transaction costs.

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