How do I inform Linea that I am running a node?

I just started today running a node on Linea. How will Linea know that I am running a node? Do I need to fill out any forms with my information? Also, how do I monitor the performance of my node? Are there any tools available?

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Hi running a node isn’t incentivized at the moment please follow Linea #running a node announcement channel to get up to date. It depends on whether it’s a local or remote instance you check grafana monitoring for local and cloud providers if they have anything in place for remote.

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The best is to join Discord and check the info there. Best to all!

Hello I’ve recently been running a “One-click setup” node through a project named OpSec. So I’m wondering if running one on Linea will be incentivized? Have there been any recent announces made about this? Thx

No it won’t be sorry