Race Condition on Lineaster

To the Lineaster Team,

I have identified a bug race condition that can affect the stability and consistency of the application.
During the process of liking posts with a series of simultaneous or sequential operations, I noticed that some processes can interfere with each other. This results in a large number of likes being added by a single user. I have conducted tests by following the steps that trigger this condition, and I have successfully reproduced the issue multiple times.

Here is the link to the post and the screenshot evidence I have obtained:

https:// lineaster. goerli. linea. build/posts/0x0405a5-0x01

I recommend taking this issue seriously and doing a review and updating of the relevant code.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope this bug discovery proves beneficial to the platform’s development.




Shared with the team, thank you for reporting!

@haxor, would you be able to provide more detailed steps to reproduce?

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it’s easy, you only need to flood the like requests at once, could use burp suite, or something similar