Manual claiming after Bridge has problem

I used linea bridge to move some ETH from linear to Ethereum mainnet. I choosed manual claiming because automatic was disabled for the same bridging.

The first step of bridge was successfull and i can see it transaction on linear scan

But then i cant claim funds beacause this button doesnt work and after confirming in metamask the second step to get tokens in Eth mainnet is error occured as you can see at the picture

Hi @user1383 -

Can you confirm the following for us:

  1. Do you have ETH on Ethereum Mainnet to be able to pay gas fee for claim?

  2. can you confirm you have most up to date version of MetaMask? You can update by following:

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Thanks for advice.

I checked the balance and it is approximately 0.022, despite the fact that gas fee in Metamask shows that i need to have 0.004 to complete the transaction and claim funds.
When i push “data” in metamask during approving transaction it show error message:
'Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’)"

I am using chrome extension metamask ver. 11.5.1

You might not have enough ETH on Ethereum for max gas fees required to be able to claim it. Check gwei on Ethereum and wait until it’s lower and try claiming then.