Lxp on lyve finance

Hi, i kept a trove open for 8 days but my LXP is only 110 instead of 150, could you help me?
MM 0xdA7efF481AfD2DAB12e01839646F22C8b44A5EC5
Tx open trove 0x82f82ce97bfc4216a0d8a2911b676286bbf944f7e74ad89dd8a3526f1bad1a62
Tx close trove 0xbdfe5663ff5c4226c93bd083af99126735ecfbd9b14d87998f79ad536c808478

Do not share your tx ids and wallet addresses on the forum, best to keep yourself safe. Would be best to contact Lyve and Intract about it. It’s Lyve’s campaign and Intract’s platform as well as Lyve’s dapp that you’re interacting with. Linea only added the LXP for the campaign, that’s the only part Linea took in it.