Linea Galxe Testnet point

I don’t know why the point is minus 16, even though I have completed the EUROe test and have already claimed points. Now it’s back like that and I don’t know where the minus 6 points came from


The Galxe team is looking into this issue, please don’t worry!


I am a newbie so I can not open topic myself. So I am writing here sorry for the inconvenience. My first problem is the galxe points but little bit different: Although I made the transaction on hop bridge for HOP and DAI token and on jumper exchange bridge for usdt Galxe does not count points.
The other problem is even though I sent GETH to bridge it stucks there and do not finalize to the Linea network as you can see from tx and wallet balance.

I tried again and Geth bridging is finalized this time.

Hey @blukpt, the deadline for the bridge week quests was May 8th at 11:59pm EST, so unfortunately these transactions will not count for the quests.