Borrowing Tx failed twice using Zerion app wallet

Yesterday, I encountered a problem when I was trying to complete Defi Voyage Wave 4 task with the LayerBank dapp, here is what happened:

  1. I submitted the first borrowing TX using Zerion app wallet(directly visiting LayerBank dapp in Zerion app), It failed with a ~$4 gas lost. TXID: 0x47bab87ce5acaf1d83261c7376589d1a95e0a38365244b29fc91766baaddbbac.
  2. Retried another TX and failed again, TXID: 0x139402ac0e2d1d56b93b63ec2057191bce0de50770f87503862d4349bcd9f873
  3. First I thought It was LayerBank’s problem, but it turned out to be a problem related to the wallet I used. When I used my another wallet which is MetaMask browser wallet to do the same thing, it succeeded with a ~$3 gas. TXID: 0x74e755d06de755e9df62e2181b4adacc85d0c7709dab9d2cf6d17e230281e1f5.

I’m guessing the problem is with the Zerion app wallet? Just curious about what happened behind the failed TXs. Wish we can think a solution to prevent such failed TXs . Can any dev guy sort me out of this?

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Hey @michealwen, welcome to the Linea community!

It would be best to contact the Zerion team about this, since this is a problem with their wallet.